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Kickstart your musical adventure with pure excitement, hassle-free.

At Connect Music, we strive to make your first steps in music as easy as possible. We are here to help you through the initial stages which are the scariest! With our incredible support and community, we ensure that you can focus on the enjoyment of your musical creation!



We Care About Each Student's Experience

In addition to private piano lessons, we pride ourselves in having a musical family that is supportive of one another.  Don't be afraid of asking us anything that's on your mind.

We work hard to create memorable experiences for each student. 

Our Instructors Love Teaching

Just as every student is unique in their learning abilities and personalities, we have teachers who have their own special teaching style to match it. We're confident in finding you the right instructor and role model!

Our teachers are passionate pianists' and performers who make lessons engaging and fun! 

The Easiest Way to Start Lessons 

Our "Complete Beginner Package" will bring everything up to your doorstep. From the piano, to books and our wonderful teachers, we handle it all at an affordable price. 

Contact Us for More Information.


-Jelina, adult student

“Thank you for making my musical experience so smooth. Your expertise, willingness to help and speedy responses to all my random questions/needs are so APPRECIATED!!” 


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