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Weekly 30-Minute Lessons:
  • In-Home - $104.50/Month

  • In-Studio - $95.00/Month

Weekly 45-Minute Lessons:
  • In-Home - $152.00/Month

  • In-Studio - $142.50/Month


Weekly 60-Minutes Lessons:

  • In-Home - $199.50/Month

  • In-Studio - $190.00/Month

*Monthly Tuition Rates reflect 37 lessons within the school year. See our calendar for the scheduled dates.

*Students registering mid-year will have pro-rated lesson fees.

*In-Home lessons are offered in the comfort of your own home, while In-Studio lessons are offered at a select teachers studio. 


*For families that exceed more than 1 hour a week, please contact us directly!

*For students wishing to rent keyboards, we can get started as low as $15.00/month. 

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