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Fall 2023/24 Registration

Our online registration for the new school year is open! Come join us for a fun new year of music lessons, with 2 annual school recitals and plenty of opportunities for both new and returning students. Availability is given on first sign-up basis, sign up now to secure the best time within your family schedule.

Welcoming New & Returning Families!
Bring High Quality Music Education into the Comfort of your Own Home!





Music Theory


Why Choose Us

Qualified and Passionate Music Instructors

Our teachers are experienced performers and instructors with over a decade of experience in their field. Lessons can be tailored for recreational playing or for examination/competition prep.

Along with a strong  foundation of learning, we strive to create a fun learning environment with positive student-teacher rapport  to have  our students excited for the next lesson.

Laughs in Every Lesson!

With the expert advice of our instructors, we’ll get to  help you set up an inviting practice space that ensures the best learning environment for your child or yourself.

Create an Efficient Learning Environment at Home!

Unsure Where to Start?

Choose the Complete Starter Package

“My daughter is taking lessons and I wanted to mention how much I appreciate our teacher and her approach with my daughter.  She uses every second of the 30 min lesson to provide instruction.  My daughter loves her lesson and is learning a lot and enjoys practicing and getting better and showing her teacher.  I am very impressed! “

D. Steckler

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