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Getting started with music has never been this easy!

Let us handle all of the hassle! 

Sorting everything to initiate the piano lessons can be a lot of work! We can make this step as easy as possible by delivering everything you need to your door, including the piano! Just sit back and relax as everything comes to you on the first lesson!

Many parents ask us if piano would be the right choice for their child. We believe that the best way to know is to start and see for yourself. However, we understand that this could be a lot of work for commiting to something you’re unsure of. That is why we offer this package for the first month of your piano lessons. During this phase, we will try our best to welcome you to the new instrument. We are certain that you will end up loving it, but if for any reason you would like to opt out there will be no commitment.

Why choose this Starter Package? 


  • 1 month of Keyboard rental with fully weighted keys

  • All required beginner method books

  • A qualified teacher to suite the students needs 

  • A total of four 30-minute piano lessons

  • No contract or obligation to continue after! 

  • Everything is delivered right to your door on the first lesson

Price: $135.00

Click here for our regular lesson rates and rental fees

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