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In order to have the smoothest lesson experience, please see below. 

By signing up with Connect Music School, you are agreeing with these policies and terms . 

Regarding the risk of COVID-19

- By agreeing to this form, parents who choose to enroll their children in one-on-one lessons will assume all responsibility for the accidental transmission that could potentially occur from Connect Music School Teachers

- To avoid this, Connect Music School instructors will implement safety precautions for themselves and students:

  • Students or family members showing any sign of sickness or that have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should cancel lessons immediately

    • We will offer a flexible lesson cancellation policy. Students who cancel the day of, due to symptoms of sickness will be given one opportunity to take their lesson online at a time that works for both the teacher and student. 

  • Teachers and Students should wash/sanitize hands before and after the lessons occur

  • Students and Teachers must wear masks during lessons. Should a student and their family not abide by this recommendation (made by us and the Alberta health services), teachers reserve the right to cancel lessons or recommend online lessons.

  • Other family members should remain in an entirely separate space/room while the teacher is in the home to limit contact.

  • Students must wash hands prior to lessons and wipe down the keyboard with disinfectant 

  • Teachers and Students should maintain a distance of at least 2m, and ventilate the room if applicable

  • Gloves are strongly recommended, particularly for piano teachers who may need to demonstrate on the student’s piano.


- A full month’s tuition is due at the beginning of each month and will be withdrawn from automated payments on the first of each month.

- If payment is 2 or more weeks late or a card is declined, a fee of $25 will be charged - Monthly lesson fee accounts for 37 lessons in the school year. Students registering after the fall, will have a pro-rated fee for the month in which they start. 


In-home Lessons 

- A parent or adult must be present in the household at all times. - Be sure that an appropriate and well-maintained piano is available. - Lessons must take place in a quiet space, free from distractions and interruptions by such things 

as television, video games, siblings, pets etc - During poor weather and busy traffic conditions etc., flexibility may be needed with scheduling. - Please give at most a +/-10 minute flexibility in the lesson start time. 

Missed Lessons 

- Lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled within the month. - Lessons missed by the student for any reason will be forfeited. It is at the teacher’s discretion 

whether a make-up lesson can be provided. 


Lesson withdrawal 

- Two weeks written notice (2 lessons) is required to withdraw from lessons. The student may 

continue to take their lessons up until the final lesson date. Tuition for those 2 weeks will not be refunded.


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