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Connect Music School specializes in creating a respectful and fun environment in the comfort of your own home. Our teachers will foster musical development in students by creating a comfortable atmosphere where students can actively engage and develop self confidence. Our goal is to make music last you a lifetime and create those marvelous "moments" that answer why you play. 
What is our "Approach"?

Our approach to music is finding the passion in each and every one of you as a top priority. We believe understanding "why" you play music is the most important element above everything else. Conventional teaching methods provide extensive training in technique and repertoire. Although we recognize that it is significantly important, they miss our priority approach. We have seen many great students quit their studies in music, even though they had great technique and creativity. We believe the reason behind that is because they can't see the value in playing the instrument. They don't realize what music means to them, or if they even like it or not. The beauty in music comes out when you actually find a purpose in playing. Only then will music be truly meaningful to you.


How do we implement this "Approach"?

The best way to bring about your passion in music is to actually do "music". Sounds like an obvious answer, but so many teachers focus on the element of "playing" and not enough on the musicality. We do understand that playing is a vital part as a musician, but learning about the art that goes behind everything is extremely crucial. We do not want to produce "robtic performers", who perform with great accurate playing but know nothing about the piece. We will be giving unique and creative exercises that will engage the student in finding the art within music, and in turn help them find a strong attachment to music. 

Examples of some Exercises

- Drawing, writing, or discussing about the certain music they are playing
- Critical listening sessions
- Composing
- Improvising 
- Learning some sections with rote
- Indulging in the music history and theory

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