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What's different about us?

We set ourself apart from traditional music studios, as we focus on the digital technology of online communication. We are a mobile school as we do not have a physical studio location. Instead, we encourage teachers across Calgary to connect with nearby students and maximize efficiency for everyone. Why not use the technology we have at hand and make the most of it? There are teachers in your area who teach in home or at their personal studio. We are confident that we can find you the right teacher in your closest vicinity.


The benefits of online education doesn’t stop there… Our students are able to connect with other peers AND teachers more than ever before. Instead of providing you with one teacher to study with, you can have access to the whole community of teachers and peers that are a part of Connect Music. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and show your work to experienced senior teachers, who can give you feedback and advice in addition to lessons with your full time teacher. The whole passion and development in music comes from the ability to share and connect with others. At Connect Music we foster an environment where each and every one of you can maximize your sharing opportunity.

Major Opportunities to Explore and Learn!

To further enhance this sharing concept, we take pride in having many masterclass sessions and recitals FREE OF CHARGE. Students are also presented with the opportunity to listen to live performances and learn to receive and give constructive feedback. Many of these performances will be supported by Connect Music, with free event invitations and shows.

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