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Who is the "Connect" Program for?

Have you been struggling in finding motivation or purpose in music? Our program is perfect for you, as we tailor our lessons to have meaning that will benefit you in the future. Many parents and students alike have asked us if they will eventually be able to teach like our experienced instructors. We always answer “Yes!”. Along with the conventional lessons, we have added extra perks for students like yourself to grow into a professional and to start sharing your passion for piano with young beginners.

The Story that Embarked this Program

Music has always been a part of my life, as my older brother excelled as a young musician and I quickly followed his path. Those years were the simple times when piano was new to me. It was fun and filled with excitement. I couldn’t wait until I could master playing the next songs in my book like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Old Macdonald had a farm”.


Up until early highschool, this great musical adventure of mine continued. What hit me then was the fact I had to start thinking about my careers. I noticed that the amount of homework and extra curricular activities rose as well. Being in the advanced levels in my piano studies, it wasn’t easy managing the time to practice or find motivation. I remember asking myself what music could give me down the road, but never had an appealing solution. It didn’t help that my once talented brother quit his music studies altogether and was now just focusing on his university studies, almost as if he never even had music in the first place.


My turning point was when I was offered a teaching position at Forte Music School. I was very luckily despite my young age at the time. Getting into teaching revealed a new purpose for my music career, and also reminded me of my early days of studying. The joy of seeing many excited young students gave me both a sense of responsibility and a reason to get better. It was this moment I realized that having fun and starting a new activity is great, but eventually you start looking for a payout of some sort. Who wants to continue putting hard effort in to get nothing in return?


From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to continue with music for a lifetime. Not just with my personal studies, but with the teaching as well. To this day, I am constantly reaching out expanding my knowledge and ways of teaching. I could not have asked for a better career. I’m not implying that all my students should make a single career off music, but it's great to have the opportunity and peace of mind that your efforts aren’t going to waste. At Connect Music, we offer a way for the young student to develop their path for performing and teaching. Join today to see how we bring this to you!


 - Shirley Nham                                       Co-director, Piano & Theory instructor

 (As seen in image above!)

What is Included in the Program?


Weekly Piano Lessons:

Private lessons will be held once a week at the comfort of your own home. We try our very best to find a teacher that fits your needs and interests. It will be tailored to each individual in order to bring out your highest potential!

Start being a mentor today:

Connect’s mentorship program allows students of all levels and ages to experience the art of teaching, while acquiring volunteer hours as well. All students enrolled will be given ample opportunities to teach their fellow peers. It's never too early to start teaching! This benefits both parties (the mentor and the student) in the given lesson, as the student in this setting technically receives free feedback and comments, while the mentor will receive volunteer hours and valuable teaching experience!

Connect Community Events:

Learning piano can sometimes feel like a solitary pursuit. We believe it is important that music also engages you with other people. These events are held frequently throughout the year, allowing our students and families to not only create Friendships with like-minded people, but also gain inspiration from others! We would like you to experience more than just private practicing, recitals and exams. Sometimes it's important to just simply celebrate your hard work! Also, once you find friends and peers it makes the mentorship program much easier for you!

Price of the Program

The monthly tuition for this program will be $104.50/month. This will give you access to:


  1. 30 minute weekly piano lessons

  2. Opportunities to being a mentor

  3. Access to our community events

*Rates will vary proportionately to lesson length

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